1. Immortal Sails

From the recordings English Poets and Rowan Pierce, Soprano

A wonderfully exuberant and inspiring poem about seizing the moment and how love can overcome eternity.
Alfred Noyes (16 September 1880 – 25 June 1958) was an English poet, short-story writer and playwright.


Now, in a breath, we’ll burst those gates of gold,
And ransack heaven before our moment fails.
Now, in a breath, before we, too, grow old,
We’ll mount and sing and spread immortal sails.

It is not time that makes eternity.
Love and an hour may quite out-span the years,
And give us more to hear and more to see
Than life can wash away with all its tears.

Dear, when we part, at last, that sunset sky
Shall not be touched with deeper hues than this;
But we shall ride the lightning ere we die
And seize our brief infinitude of bliss,

With time to spare for all that heaven can tell,
While eyes meet eyes, and look their last farewell.